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Unió Europea - Acció pel clima

Sistema  Europeu de Reducció

d'Emissions de CO2



 UNFCCC: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change



Ministerio de A. A. y Medio Ambiente Secretaría de Cambio Climático








Compensació d'emissions de CO2 /  Els projectes que ho fan possible 

 PROJECTS PORTFOLIO     (under review)



Project: Monte Rosa Bagasse  - Country: Nicaragua

Type: Co-generation,  from sugar cane bagasse

Description: CDM Project 0191

Certified and verified by: UNFCCC -  Methodology: ACM0006 ver. 9

Carbon credits type:  CERs



Project: Rio Taqueri  - Country: Bolivia

Type: Hydroelectric power

Description: CDM Project 1031

Certified and verified by: UNFCCC -  Methodology: ACM0002 ver.8

Carbon credits type:  CERs



Project: Teesta-V Hydropower  - Country: India, (Skkim)

Type: Hydropower; small-medium size; in agricultural environment

Description:  The Teesta HP project Stage V is a run-of-the-river scheme and produces 2572.67 MW of clean energyT. It is also contributing to the region development.

Certified and verified  by TÜV NORD -  Methodology: Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

Carbon credits type:  VCUs   -  Registry: Markit - ID: 100000000001012



Project: Bundle avoidance of methane by municipal-solid-waste treatment: Waste to Wealth - Biogas to power  

                                           - Country: India, (Maharashtra and Gujarat)

Type: Municipal solid waste treatment for avoiding otherwise GHG emissions

Description: The project avoids methane emissions which would otherwise have been released due to anaerobic decomposition of the mixed waste in uncontrolled landfill sites from 5 cities; and avoids the use of an equivalent amount of fossil fuels displaced by the biofuel derived from the refuse.

Certified and verified by  URS Verification Priv. Ltd. -    Methodology: ISO 14064 - 2

Carbon credits type:  VERs   -  Registry: Markit - ID: 100000000000670





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